Silk Scarf

Send a message and do it with heart with the ‘I Love Your Face’ design. Animal print is a neutral as far as we’re concerned and this modern take on pattern has been adoringly designed to form the word LOVE at its centre. With the full message detailed along its border, the design combines flawless illustration with genuine sentiment.
Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm

I Love Your Face available in:
Emerald + Pink
Coral + Pink

Wear your Tiding’s design however you feel. Wear it, accessorise with it, gift it, display it. It’s your message, wear it how you choose. 

Send a message and do it with heart

Protect the message and beauty of your Tidings silks by avoiding contact with water, rain or chemicals. We suggest you store your silks flat and untied if possible. When cleaning, please ensure you use a professional dry cleaner.

Irish designer, Niamh Gillespie at work in her studio.

Designed in Ireland by Niamh Gillespie

Inspired by a long walk along the beach on the east coast of Ireland, Tidings Creative Director Niamh Gillespie came across an old message in a bottle. A dispatch sent from another place, an-other time, brought in by the tide. Niamh was moved to create her own messages. To tell stories with silk. Statements of positivity, of dreamy optimism, all delivered through a luxury and spirited fashion collection.
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