Tidings brand story

A message in a bottle. A note from a friend. The gift of optimism in complicated times.

Inspired by a long walk along the beach on the east coast of Ireland, Tidings Creative Director Niamh Gillespie came across an old message in a bottle. A dispatch sent from another place, an-other time, brought in by the tide. Niamh was moved to create her own messages. To tell stories with silk. Statements of positivity, of dreamy optimism, all delivered through a luxury and spirited fashion collection.

Each flawlessly conceived scarf and pocket square has been lovingly brought to life by Niamh whose 20-year design credentials include working with Paul Smith, Liberty of London, and Alexander McQueen. In this, her first solo collection, Niamh combines whimsical, typographic designs infused with hope and positivity as well as just enough tongue-in-cheek. Reflecting the world around us, the collection is inspired to connect and reassure the wearer, combining modern design with archival traditions.

Marrying Irish design with Italian silks, the collection offers laid-back artistry with a spirit-lifting chaser. Pick your silk and wear your feelings. Or deliver your Tidings as the perfect gift, beautifully packaged and sealed just like your own message in a bottle.

“Launching Tidings has enabled me to combine my fashion, design, and typographic skills together, and wrap them up with a silken, attitude-filled bow. These are strange days and using fashion and art to share our feelings, send a message and focus on some optimism seems vital.“

Niamh Gillespie