Inspired by Cook Islands Tivaevae quilts, traditionally hand sewn by Polynesian women, this striking, handprinted floral design comes with its own rose-tinted message to ‘Bloom With Grace’.

This collection is inspired by the idea of packing an essential, one item that can carry you through any trip. These oversized rectangular silks are exactly that. Whether worn as a bandana, a bandeau or a sleek handbag update, each Tidings designs can elevate your look. With their floral fantasias and chromatic colours, we’ve been inspired by our customers who everyday showcase the myriad ways they like to wear their Tidings silks.

Meticulously detailed and richly coloured, we’re excited to incorporate the earthen reds and azure blues into our luggage wherever the next trip takes us.  Style your Tidings scarf how you like it, or share with a friend as the perfect way of uplifting and updating your summer ensemble.

Dimensions: 100cm x 185cm

Wear your Tiding’s design however you feel. Wear it, accessorise with it, gift it, display it. It’s your message, wear it how you choose. 

A floral design with a positive message


75% Cotton, 25% Silk 

Rolled Edges

 Cool wash 30 degrees

Protect the message and beauty of your Tidings products by avoiding contact with water, rain or chemicals. We suggest you store your piece flat and untied if possible. When cleaning, please ensure you use a professional dry cleaner.

Irish designer, Niamh Gillespie at work in her studio.

Designed in Ireland by Niamh Gillespie

Inspired by a long walk along the beach on the east coast of Ireland, Tidings Creative Director Niamh Gillespie came across an old message in a bottle. A dispatch sent from another place, an-other time, brought in by the tide. Niamh was moved to create her own messages. To tell stories with silk. Statements of positivity, of dreamy optimism, all delivered through a luxury and spirited fashion collection.
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