With a Silk Sleep Eye Mask and Silk Pillow Case adorned with the Bloom with Grace design, the collection offers a chance to sink into peaceful sleep while breathing new life into your skin care rituals.

Embracing a message of renewal and reawakening, protecting and enhancing both inner and outer beauty.

Elevate up your skin and sleep routine with Tidings Sleep.


- Standard 51cm x 75cm (20in x 30 in)

-100% Pure Mulberry Silk

-Double-sided print- Border with Bloom with Grace on one side and Pinstripe on reverse. 

-This Product comes in a Tidings Branded gift box. 


With health benefits widely acknowledged, sleeping on silk offers the promise of non-frizzy hair as well as soft, beautifully hydrated skin. Silk contains a natural protein plus 18 essential amino acids which studies have shown can counteract the effects of ageing especially in facial skin as well as helping to calm the nervous system. Unlike cotton, silk won’t absorb the moisture from your skin helping any nighttime moisturising routine sink in deeply rather than migrating to your pillow case.  And then there’s the heat regulation that silk offers, normalising temperature increases and dips through the night and helping prevent any negative effects of night sweats. All in all, it’s easy to see why silk is the perfect sleep partner both in its outward appearance and its inwards effects.


Protect the message and beauty of your Tidings silks by avoiding contact with water, rain or chemicals. We suggest you store your silks flat and untied if possible. When cleaning, please ensure you use a professional dry cleaner.

Irish designer, Niamh Gillespie at work in her studio.

Designed in Ireland by Niamh Gillespie

Inspired by a long walk along the beach on the east coast of Ireland, Tidings Creative Director Niamh Gillespie came across an old message in a bottle. A dispatch sent from another place, an-other time, brought in by the tide. Niamh was moved to create her own messages. To tell stories with silk. Statements of positivity, of dreamy optimism, all delivered through a luxury and spirited fashion collection.
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